The Barat Method


The Barat Foundation course curriculum feature French language, art creation, and culture immersion is taught within the context of a three-fold learning method, including: 1) Exposure; 2) Experience; and 3) Expression


First, the student is “exposed” to new material in classes and workshops including French conversation and literature, writing, art, cuisine, photography, cinema, movement, music and theater. 


Second, the student “experiences” the material, tangibly, on site, in person, in the form of field excursions, accompanied by teachers and staff. Visits to monuments, churches, nature preserves, museums, the mediterranean sea, medieval villages, ancient and modern cities, businesses, vineyards, and theatrical events reinforce the initial exposure to the new material, and make it personal and alive. 


Third, each students creates his or her own individual “expression” of the new material, by articulating the learning in his or her own voice. This opportunity for self-expression takes place in a series of “ateliers” or “workshops”, based on artistic exploration including subjects as diverse as “drawing”, “photography”, “nature and movement”, “fashion photo and film”, “architecture of  the natural world”, history of the middle ages”, “surrealist poetry, walks and writing”, “French Cuisine”, “theater”, and “music”. Each year, new and exiting workshops are created providing each student the opportunity to pursue and develop his or her particular interests.