Provence French Classes

French Language Classes:
Students are grouped according to French language experience into Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced French sections.  All classes focus on conversational French, and often include preparation for the day’s itinerary and excursion.

Beginning classes concentrate on basic conversational skills, basic vocabulary, and specifically the needs of everyday life in France.  Students prepare to order in a restaurant or café, visit shops, bakeries, and markets, ask directions, and generally move around France with confidence.

sections also stress conversational skills with added support in vocabulary and grammar. Intermediate students are introduced to topics of French culture music and literature appropriate to their level of comprehension.

classes include lively discussion of current events pulled from French daily newspapers. Classes are frequently on site to further develop comprehension and conversation skills.

“I learned a lot here.  My conversational skills have improved immensely and that’s what I was hoping for.”
— Peter Simon, NYC, NY

All students are required to maintain a journal documenting their stay in Provence.  The journal is submitted to and corrected by the student’s French language teacher, in order for each student to optimize his or her written language skills as well as their oral communication skills.  Time is allotted each day for journal writing.  The journal is a personal memoir that will become a lifetime treasure of writing, sketches, photographs, postcards, and other mementos of the summer experience in France.

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