Iceland Excursions


We will visit’s Iceland’s most stunning attractions through the lens of the filmmaker; asking questions, exploring deeper and discovering our own way of telling the story of this remarkable island. Community service is also available in collaboration with the University of Agriculture and the UN School of Geothermal Energy.

Possible excursions include:

Seljalandsfoss Waterfall: One of National Geographic’s most breathtaking wonders of the world. 

Thingvellir National Park: a UNESCO world heritage site, here one can see where the North American and European Tectonic plates meet. 

Strokkur: A fountain geyser that erupts every 8-10 minutes. 

Film Making Tour: Visits to the locations for Game of Thrones.

The Blue Lagoon: A world famous natural hot spring turned spa. We will spend a day relaxing in the waters and pools, lathering ourselves in the rich nourishing elemental white mud that is found in the area.

Whale Watching: We will board a fishing boat and head to the sea during Iceland’s highest whale watching season!

Vatnajokull Glacier: The oldest glacier in Europe, we will walk in the Skaftafell national park to see waterfalls then later go to Jokulsarlon to see the icebergs detached from the glacier in the lagoon. Sadly this glacier is melting fast. 

Vestmann Islands: A gorgeous tiny wind swept island outpost hewn from fiery lava and cooled by the fierce swells of the North Atlantic. The youngest island of the chain, Surtsey, didn’t appear until 1963, making it a darling of NASA scientists examining how life colonizes virgin islands.

Vik: Black sand beach with a mystical history. See puffins play on the cliffs as we journey to Iceland’s southern most destination. On our way we will stop at Seljalandafoss and the breathtaking Skogafoss waterfalls.

Reykjavik: Of course we will spend time in Iceland’s capital. Visiting art galleries, music studios and doing some shopping.

Horse back riding: The Icelandic horses are smaller than typical horses and have a gentle demeanor. We will ride into the landscape for nearly a full day of travel.

Greenhouses: Visits to geothermally heated greenhouses at the Agricultural University of Iceland.

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