Creation Nation Parade


The Creation Nation Parade is founded on the ethics of radical inclusion. It is a march for art, peace, love and community – a movement that speaks for the power of creativity to encourage the youth and give them the time and space to shine in public. The 2017 10th Annual Creation Nation Art and Peace Parade marks 50 years since the Newark Uprising of 1967.  

The parade is here to offer a safe space for all creators to be able to parade with pride, and a space to celebrate the young people here in Newark, New Jersey. To this date we have partnered with over 50 schools and communities creating the Newark original, “Animodule” parade sculptures; with each Animodule representing up to 16 weeks of arts and workshops. Each one is individually designed in a unique way allowing people to connect to one another as well as help encourage peace and unity. We are here to bridge the gap between the arts community and the local youth, between new artists and the original artists, and between the various cultural groups in the area. 

The Creation Nation Art and Peace Parade, now entering its 10th year, has become a staple in Newark’s cultural landscape.  

Be part of a movement that claims the streets with color and creativity to celebrate our lives!