Belmont Runyon – Session 5

For our 5th session, the Lion Animodule had already been created and delivered to the school.  So we brought supplies so that we can all prime the Lion Animodule. We set up the pieces on the tables and told the students what we would be doing. We explained that priming, is basically painting the Lion Animodule with a special white paint, that protects the wood and also helps smooth the surface for painting as well and gives it a good foundation, so the paint colors on top appear nice and bright.  We gave everyone Creation Nation t-shirts to protect their clothing and showed them how to apply the paint. Long smooth brushstrokes, so theres no steaks on the surface. In no time we finished priming 1 side of both pieces of the Lion Animodule. We will have to do the other sides in the next session. For the remaining of the time, we gave everyone back their individual designs back, so they could continue refining and adding to their Lion Animodule drawings.