Belmont Runyon – Session 3

For our 3rd session we got more hands on. We made sure everyone has a copy of the moodboard collage to keep as inspiration and we did a drawing exercise with the students.

We created an Exquisite Corpse. An Exquisite Corpse is a drawing technique created by surrealist artist in the 1920s. It started out as a game played by the surrealist artists but has become a renowned technique used by artists for collaboration and creation.  In an Exquisite Corpse, each artist starts with her or his own piece of paper. They get a set amount of time, after which they would have to give their work to the person on their left, who would continue the drawing for the set amount of time. This keeps going in a circle, till every person has drawn on every other person’s paper and the drawings are complete.

For our students, we gave them a 2 minute limit for drawing and we went around 4 or 5 times, so everyone got to draw on every piece of papers 4 or 5 times. This exercise loosens their inhibitions when it comes to drawing and lets them know there are no mistakes. It also makes them think about the project in a collaborative way because they have to take into consideration the drawing of the other students already on the page, when adding their own.

At the end of the exercise we ended up with 8 great pieces and lots of inspiration for when we begin the final designing of the Lion Animodule.