What is an Animodule?


Animodules™ are artist facilitated, community created, contemporary totems. The collaboratively made public sculptures are a Newark original art form proclaimed by the Mayor’s office as the city’s Official Peace Ambassadors. They are instruments of community formation and encourage pride, ownership and stewardship of public space. Animodules™ are rebranding Newark as an international center of arts and culture and are currently on display at Newark Airport where they greet half a million visitors annually. Each year they march in the Creation Nation Art and Peace Parade bringing the vibrancy and voice of Newark’s youth to the streets. 

Mission: To beautify public space, unite communities and empower under-represented youth though collaborative public art. “Public art by the public” promotes peace making through the arts, diversity, inclusion and creative place making highlighting a city’s unique history and culture. The Newark Animodule™ program serves as a model of civil rejuvenation through collaborative art that can be implemented in other cities and municipalities. 

Brief History: From humble beginnings in cardboard and glue the Animodules have grown to become “Newark’s Official Peace Ambassadors”. Over 50 of these unique interlocking sculptures have been created with schools and communities throughout the city and a dozen are on display at the Newark Airport welcoming visitors to the NY/NJ metropolitan region and showcasing the creativity of Newark’s youth. Each year they serve as the backbone of the Creation Nation Art and Peace Parade marching through the streets alongside the artists and youth that created them.