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350 Founders Day

Newark came out in full force on Founders Day Weekend to paint history with the Barat Foundation. A special thank you to our Brazilian artist in residence, Rene Nascimento who designed the panels of the Culture/Diversity Animodule, and to the Benjamin Moore Foundation, which generously supplied the paint. A special shout out to the HUBB and FP Youth Outcry and their beautiful children who braved the weather to paint with us, and to the Fireman and Policemen who joined the fun.

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The Animodule™ History Project is creating 5 Animodules with the help of Newark’s senior citizens and students in all 5 wards of the city. Together Newark’s senior citizens and children are researching Newark history and choosing historic figures and events to feature on the sculptures. These sculptures will be visual narratives of Newark, each one representing a theme and paying homage to the rich and diverse history of the city. With generous support from the Newark Celebration 350 Foundation, the Reitman Foundation, PSEG Foundation and the Benjamin Moore Foundation.

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The Barat Foundation 8th Annual Creation Nation™ Art & Peace Parade took place on October 17th, which marked it the official kick off for Newark’s 350th Anniversary Celebration!

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News 12 Spotlight on Bruce Davis:
One of the 2015 Willie Cole Scholarship Recipients!

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